285 km/h

Najvišja hitrost na dirkalni stezi

34 kg

Lažja kot A110 S za

3,9 s

Pospešek od 0 do 100 km/h

The first full Electric Vehicle Showcar of Alpine’s Dream Garage


Alpine A290_β flicks the electric car experience into expert mode. It propels our agile sports cars into a bold, battery-powered future while giving their familiar name a new lifestyle edge. Formula 1-inspired controls and the wildly exciting boost of its overtake button bring a taste of motorsport technology to the streets.

X lighting

You won’t mistake A290_β for any other car. Its quad front lamps are pure Alpine, their enticing new Xs taking inspiration from rallying to indicate a rugged car that’s ready for an urban landscape.

Three seats

A290_β allows two co-drivers along for the ride, each enjoying an exciting view of the driver at work in a unique central position. Anyone is upgraded to the role of race crew in this fiery new hot hatch.

F1 inspired steering wheel

Motorsport DNA flows through every surface of A290_ß, and nowhere is it more obvious than the steering wheel. It’s inspired by our Alpine A523 Formula 1 car, with an Overtake button for intense moments of electrified boost.